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Public Law

My activities are nationwide and range from counselling to safeguarding your interest in all matters related to public law in and outside of courts.

The very wide area of "Public law" rules the relations between the public authorities exercising sovereign power ("state – public authorities – public offices") and the citizens as subjects of private law and subject to the sovereignty of the German state.

Traditional areas of public law, for example, are the criminal law as well as the building law in the broadest sense or the law concerning the service of civil servants, judges and soldiers as well as the law concerning foreigners, and last but not least the tax law.

According to the prevailing view in Germany public law today is applicable if the laws concerned rule entitlements of the state versus his citizens (eg. fiscal authoritities in the field of taxes) or commitments of the state versus his citizens (eg communities in the field of social assistance).

The public law stands right next to the equally very wide range of private law, which rules the legal relations between subjects of private law, who amongst themselves are placed on the same legal level.

I may highlight activities in the following areas:

  • Administrative offenses,
  • Building regulations of the 16 member-states of the Federal Republic of Germany,
  • Defense in a criminal case,
  • Federal Handicrafts Regulation Act (Handwerksordnung – HandwO),
  • Federal Town and Country Planning Code (Baugesetzbuch – BauGB),
  • Industrial and trade law (Federal Industrial Code – Gewerbeordnung - GewO),
  • Law concerning experts,
  • Law concerning foreigners (aliens),
  • Law concerning the service of civil servants and judges,
  • Law concerning the service of soldiers,
  • Tax Law.